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Message from the Chair

Monica Cox, Ph.D.

When I tell people that I am both a Professor and Department Chair in the Department of Engineering Education (EED), most have no clue what engineering education is. People ask if the department is located in the College of Education and ask if our primary focus is to teach other people to teach engineering. I tell them that engineering education is the integration of engineering with education, humanities, policy, and a limitless number of other disciplines. The possibilities for creating new practices and knowledge and for conducting research in our field are endless. Like traditional engineering fields, engineering educators are problem solvers. We want to make the lives of everyone around us better and leave our world better than how we found it. 

The Department of Engineering Education celebrated its one-year anniversary on
November 6, 2016. With approximately 250 faculty, staff, and student employees, we are
the academic home of Ohio State’s first-year engineering program, undergraduate
multidisciplinary capstone design, and engineering technical communications courses. In
the autumn semester of 2016, EED offered instruction to almost 4000 undergraduate students!

In addition to maintaining high-quality undergraduate student programs, the EED has
developed a proposal to create a graduate program where admitted graduate students will
earn Ph.D.s in Engineering Education. The development of this program establishes a firm
foundation for an expansion of our research, which will position the EED as a department
where undergraduate and graduate education complement research and practice
in the development of diverse career pathways for our engineering students.

The upcoming year will be an exciting one. Via our strategic planning process, we will build
upon our history and will identify ways to connect to other engineering disciplines, to
engineering practice, and to non-engineering disciplines. We will review our best practices
and disseminate them. We will form new partnerships and will identify new tracks of
research. We will attract new people to engineering education. Ultimately, we will engage
with audiences who want to learn about what engineering education is and what
engineering education could be. Excellence and accountability are our keys to success.
Our department is going to be a game changer, and we would love for you to join us on this