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2016 CWAC Sponsors

The 2016 contest + showcase were generously supported by Dr. Rick Freuler and the Fundamentals of Engineering Honors Program.  The Honors Program at Ohio State is designed to meet the needs of students with superior academic ability and to promote scholarly development throughout their college careers. By challenging themselves with advanced levels of study and enrichment programs, Honors students can optimize the use of their creative abilities and develop a sustaining interest in advanced education and research.  For more information, click here or contact Dr. Freuler.

We would also like to express our gratitude to the following for their generous donations:

Ret. Colonel Ish Burks
Panera - Lane Avenue
Starbucks - Lane Avenue
Trader Joe’s - Sawmill Road
The Ohio State Department of English
The Arts Initiative at Ohio State
Donatos Pizza
Blick Art Materials