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2015 CWAC Contest Showcase

2015 category winners (listed below) were announced at the CW&A Contest Showcase held on March 31, 2015.  The contest received many outstanding entries and the organizers wish to extend their gratitude for your help in making this year's contest a success.  We hope you will consider submitting your work to next year's contest!

Check out our Showcase slideshow!



Category:  2D
Place Contestant Title
First Place Benjamin Straiton “Insanity on the Verge of Genius” (Acrylic Painting)
Second Place Caroline Gilmore Untitled (Photograph)
Third Place Puja Gupta “It’s Raining” (Watercolor)
Honorable Mention Yeonsu Ryu “The Little Prince” (Drawing)
Staff Entry Troy Seman Untitled (Photograph)
Category: 3D
Place Contestant Title
First Place Jenna Galletta "Shell"
Second Place Jonathan Timcheck Untitled
Third Place Usoshi Chatterjee “Subject Leaves Paper”
Place Contestant Title
First Place Jacob Naft “Through the Years”  (Video)
Second Place Diana Boldrin

"Wings of Art"


Place Contestant Title
First Place Njoki Mwangi “In the Middle”
Second Place Danny Flax "The Uncommon App Essay”
Third Place Leila Mansour “Dancing in Steel Heels”
Faculty Entry Betty Lise Anderson “Have You Met Your Engineer?”
Category:  FICTION
Place Contestant Title
First Place Alex Aurand “Taillights”
Second Place Sayak Roychowdhury "Theft"
Third Place Jack Morrison “The Strangest”
Honorable Mention Jack Rawlinson "Red Team"
Staff Entry Michael Billips “The Timeman”
Staff Entry Tamera Cramer “Bullets and Cupcakes”
Category:  POETRY
Place Contestant Title
First Place Jake Roemer “Robot”
Second Place Reyna Lusson “I am a Water Molecule”
Third Place (TIE) Njoki Mwangi “Assimilation”
Third Place (TIE) Alexis Ortiz-Rosario “Traveler”
Honorable Mention Alyssa Ross "Magnets"
Faculty Entry Jessica Winter “Rain 2”; “Absence”; “Hiking”
Staff Entry Michael Billips “Train Wreck”