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Credit Earned in High School

Many students will not have any Engineering credit prior to starting coursework at Ohio State, which is why we offer fundamentals of engineering courses. However, for students who participated in Project Lead the Way in high school, or who attended a high school with an Ohio State-approved Engineering curriculum, please read the following information about how to earn Engineering credit at Ohio State based on your high school experience.

Project Lead the Way (PLTW)

If you completed the Project Lead the Way program at your high school, you may be able to earn credit for ENGR 1182.01: Fundamentals of Engineering II. PLTW students will first need to successfully complete ENGR 1181.01 or ENGR 1181.02 at Ohio State, and then have their PLTW documents reviewed.

Procedure to Receive Credit:

Call 614-292-0650 to make an appointment ot have yout PLTW documents reviewed.

Bring to the meeting a portfolio of course materials from your completed PLTW courses (including syllabi, exams, project reports or descriptions, etc.) and certificates of completion. In order to receive ENGR 1182 credit, you will need to have taken the following PLTW courses from a PLTWcertified school:

  • IED course
  • POE course
  • EDD course
  • One additional specialization course

Each course needs to have been completed with an average of a “B” or above and scoring 70 or above on the PLTW Part C exam.

You also need to successfully complete ENGR 1181.01 or ENGR 1181.02 at Ohio State.

Walnut Hills (Cincinnati) and Toledo St. John's Engineering Coursework

If you attended Walnut Hills (Cincinnati) or Toledo St. John’s High Schools and completed the engineering program offered there, you may be eligible to receive credit for both ENGR 1181.01 and ENGR 1182.01.

Procedure to Receive Credit:

Drop off a hard copy of your portfolio to the front desk of 244 Hitchcock Hall for Ashley Fields to review. Make sure to include your name and OSU email address on your materials. An individual appointment is not required for the
evaluation of your portfolio.

Since the result of your portfolio review may impact the courses you take during your first semester, it is important for you to drop your materials off for review as soon as possible. Reviews typically take 5-10 business days.

Even if you earn credit for ENGR 1181 and/or 1182, many students still choose to complete these courses at Ohio State for an easier transition to the engineering curriculum at Ohio State. You can discuss these considerations for your individual academic preparation with your academic advisorduring your orientation program.