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Design Thinking

Research in this area examines the development and assessment of design in engineering students and professionals. Current research projects include: 

Service learning and real-world client-centered student design projects - Christy, Ann

Best practices in engagement between an academic institution and the community are characterized by mutually beneficial relationships, clear inclusion of the community partner's voice, intentional reflection by the students on their experiences, and a longer length of commitment. Service learning is built upon a foundational educational theory of constructivism where students make practical connections between what they have learned in their engineering classrooms, what they have experienced in the past, and the service project itself. In addition, it enhances student motivation because students feel that they are making a positive difference in the world beyond their engineering studies.


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Implementing an Open-Ended Game Software Design Project in First-Year Engineering - Kecskemety, Krista

End-of-semester software design projects in first-year engineering courses that teach computer programming should engage students with the material learned. This study examines using game design and creation as a way to increase student engagement and learning outcomes.


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