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The College has offered Graphics courses since 1885. While the content has changed with the times, students are still taught basic drafting skills before moving on to learn to use the newest software that engineers use to create drawings today. Coupled with the ever developing material, the courses themselves have undergone many changes in structure and organization. From 1885 to 1994, these courses were offered through an independent Engineering Graphics department; from 1994 to 2008 they were offered through the Civil & Environmental Engineering & Geodetic Science Department.  After 2008, Graphics courses have been offered through the Engineering Education Innovation Center (2008-2015) and now through the Department of Engineering Education (EED). 

The EED offers six main courses for Graphics: 1121, 1180, 1221, 1222, 4410.01, and 4410.02.

To meet the needs of engineering and non-engineering students, the two main goals of these courses are:

  • Graphics communication and visualization
  • Problem solving through programming

Each course is offered at least once per year and all are taught in computer classrooms where students have access to their own computer workstation to complete daily in-class assignments. Engineering students have access to the computer lab in Hitchcock 342 and the features this facility provides. Please see the facilities tab for more information on the software available in the Hitchcock computer labs.