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Academic Requirements and Scheduling

In order to participate in the Fundamentals of Engineering for Honors (FEH) Program, students must be officially designated as a University Honors student. Prospective students must have taken at least four units of high school mathematics, one unit of high school physics, and must achieve an OSU Math Placement of L (1151) or higher; a higher math placement score can also be achieved through either Advanced Placement (AP) or PSEOP credit. The FEH Program itself is a package of courses that Honors students can choose to take during their first-year studies.

First Semester FEH Breakdown

There are three options for Engineering 1281H, which are explained in more depth on the Engineering 1281.0xH Offerings page:

  • ENGR 1281.01H: Covers Excel and MATLAB, and introduces C/C++ programming.
  • ENGR 1281.02H: Similar to 1281.01H, but intended for "Advanced" or experienced programmers. This class is recommended for students with at least one year of programming experience, such as high school computer science.
  • ENGR 1281.03H: Covers Excel and MATLAB, and introduces LabVIEW programming. This option is recommended for those who are interested in Biomedical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, or Mechanical Engineering.

NOTE: Taking either ENGR 1281.01H or 1281.02H earns credit for ENGR 1181 and ENGR/CSE 1222 (Programming in C/C++).

Second Semester FEH Breakdown

There are also three options for Engineering 1282H, which are explained in depth on the Engineering 1282.0xH Offerings page:

  • ENGR 1282.01H: Incorporates an 11-week long robotics design-build project.
  • ENGR 1282.02H: Incorporates an 11-week long nanotechnology research and development project featuring a “lab-on-a-chip.”
  • ENGR 1282.03H: Incorporates a 14-week long civil infrastructure or environmental engineering design project in conjunction with the Civil and Environmental Engineering senior Capstone classes.
NOTE: The 1282.0xH courses include an introduction to technical graphics and computer-aided design using SolidWorks.

First-Year Math Breakdown

The course options listed below depend upon students' math placement results.

  • [OSU Level L, AB3] Engineering Calculus: Math 1151 followed by Math 1172
  • [AB4] Engineering Calculus: Math 1152 or Math 1172
    • Math 1152 followed by FEH Math 2162.02 is suggested
    • FEH Math 1161.02 followed by FEH Math 2162.02 is also possible (permission from math advisers required)
  • [AB5, BC3] FEH Accelerated Calculus: Math 1161.02 and 2162.02 (only open to FEH students)
  • [BC4, BC5] FEH Accelerated Calculus: Math 2162.02 and 2568 (only open to FEH students)
  • [AB5, BC3, BC4, BC5] Accelerated Honors Calculus: Math 1181H and 2182H (permission from math advisers required)

Physics Breakdown

  • FEH Physics 1260 and 1261 (only open to FEH students)

All FEH students are required to take at least one semester of FEH Physics (or an FEH-approved chemistry course for certain majors). Students with AP or post-secondary credit for Physics 1260 can skip it in the fall semester and take a GE or chemistry course if needed. Students with AP credit for Physics 1260 continue with FEH Physics 1261 in the spring semester.

Sample FEH Schedule

A sample first-year course schedule is shown below. There are several math options within the FEH course sequence, and the two most common are outlined below: the FEH Accelerated Calculus Sequence and the Engineering Calculus Sequence.

             FEH Accelerated Calculus Sequence                    Engineering Calculus Sequence
 Fall Semester  Spring Semester  Fall Semester  Spring Semester
 Engineering 1281.0xH (5)  Engineering 1282.0xH (3)  Engineering 1281.0xH (5)  Engineering 1282.0xH (3)
 FEH Physics 1260 (5)  FEH Physics 1261 (5)  FEH Physics 1260 (5)  FEH Physics 1261 (5)
 FEH Math 1161.02 (5)  FEH Math 2162.02 (1)  Math 1151 (5)  Math 1172 (5)
 Engineering 1100.xx (1)  [English 1110] (3)  Engineering 1100.xx (1)  [English 1110] (3)

NOTE: FEH courses highlighted in bold count as "Honors" courses within the College of Engineering.